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About Us

TIPKIBASIMLAR.COM; Turkey or in museums in different corners of the world, collections or from libraries and arts, culture and civilization important artists of our own line of boards that bring light to our world, to convey more art works of art such as manuscripts and paintings order was founded in 2013. Our aim; To reproduce the masterpieces of calligraphy, each of which is worth a treasure, the unique paintings of our painters, each of which is a school, which you can only see in museums and book pages, by "faithful to the original" or previously To deliver limited facsimile editions of works of art reproduced in the most appropriate way to their originals to more art lovers and collectors. On this occasion; We continue to work with all our strength to bring these works to you, dear art lovers, by reaching facsimile editions in our country and anywhere in the world, together with the works printed by us personally. You are we invite you to discover these works, which you can comfortably examine every detail on our page, which offers a content enriched with detailed photos of the works printed on the most quality and carefully selected papers and the materials closest to the original.

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